Pradeep Dadoo’s  Ancient Indian Meditation (PDAIM) is  an exercise to release mental energy by dissolving blocks and traps , created by the idea of the world , in the mind . It makes the ego fall and enables Self realization .
In promoting spiritual growth

*  Awakens divine ‘Kundalini’ energy which lies dormant at the base of the human spine , for God realization .
*  Gives enlightenment by making consciousness recognize its fluid substratum independent of the environment. One becomes possessed of a powerful, serene field of consciousness having true knowledge by getting answers to the questions : Who am, I ? What is the purpose of life ? and What is reality ?
*  Kindles greatness in one by establishing one ‘s contact with the Cosmos within.
*  Expands consciousness and takes one out of the body into the Universe for mental space-time-event travel.
*  Provides intense joy and lasting bliss by sublimating libidinal energy.
In developing creativity
* Leads to aesthetic and moral development  and gives vision and foresight by making the ‘ Ajna Chakra ‘ function ,  i.e . by opening one’s Third eye . Actualizes genius– the latent art and science, in one. One gets to value beauty , truth and love moving towards perfection .
* Fosters holistic visualization and analytical thinking for creative expression and problem solving by enabling consciousness to  rise above the environment to get new insights and illumination . Promotes intuitive  activity increasing intelligence phenomenally . One becomes versatile in thought and action .* Actualizes one ‘s potential speech – – vocal , and sub vocal expressed in writing , by making the field of consciousness produce visual and auditory constraints on the enviroment . Word flow increases and becomes very meaningful.
In evolving perspective
* Cognition of place, time, event and people (individual and group ) by consciousness is integrated so that one ‘s awareness and perspective of the total environment , and focus on the immediate situation , become acute. Perception becomes accurate and penetrating so that one gives the best response to any stimulus . Right opportunities are seen, responsibilities are taken and ably shouldered , and correct decisions made  .
* Perception of time — past , present and future , by consciousness is aligned so that one is not pushed through the present but instead has a good grip on passing units of time and mentally grows with them.
* Collects mental energy dissipated to the environment by  dissolving attachment or aversion to particular objects, persons and events . Increases responsiveness of consciousness enabling one to observe and experience, both within and outside , more and better .
* Checks wastage of nervous energy by coordinating thought , feeling and action ( pulls one out of day dreaming, under or over emotionality and unproductive action ). Gives psychological strength , makes behaviour consonant with the existing reality and elicits development of personality .
In day to day living
* Elimininates any stress , worry or depression by breaking vicious circles of thought .  Relaxes and makes one mentally fresh . Brings order in consciousness by making it still and centered . Gives inner peace, tranquility and a sense of freedom not obtainable by any other means. Integrates external action and inner growth . One becomes capable to answer to the demands of the external world and deal with any crisis from a strong position of mental stability and clear understanding.
*Improve comprehension and sharpens memory , both register and recall , by clearing the mental field . Enables consciousness to grasp , retain and employ better the essentials from any study material. One gets to learn at a great depth and rapidly .
* Energises the body and builds stamina . Checks fatigue by making one gain rather than expend energy by work . Arrests the ageing process . Develops psychosomatic poise .
*Arrests pain in case of disease or any injury to the body .
* Cures insomnia and hypersomnia.
* Stops one from consuming non vegetarian food.
Altogether, Pradeep Dadoo’s Ancient Indian Meditation (PDAIM) enables one to experience higher and true consciousness by dissolving the idea of the vast and formidable world which gives man false consciousness and makes him appear insignificant.