Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is [Name], and I am a 67-year-old virgin bachelor. While this may seem like an unconventional way of living, it is a choice that I have made for myself and have come to embrace wholeheartedly. In this post, I would like to share my story with you and offer some tips for living your best life, regardless of your relationship status.

My Story

As I mentioned earlier, I am a retired Senior Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology in Delhi University. I have always been passionate about psychology and helping others, and I pursued this career for many years with great success. However, my personal life has been a different story.

I have never been in a romantic relationship or had sexual intercourse. This was not a conscious choice at first; it simply never happened. As time went on, I became more and more comfortable with my status as a virgin bachelor. I realized that I did not need a romantic partner or sexual experiences to be happy or fulfilled.

Benefits of Being a Virgin Bachelor

Contrary to popular belief, being a virgin bachelor can actually have several benefits. For one, you have a lot more time and energy to focus on your hobbies, interests, and career. You do not have to worry about dividing your attention between a partner and your own goals.

Additionally, you do not have to deal with the emotional ups and downs that come with romantic relationships. You are free to live your life on your own terms and pursue your own passions without compromise.

Living Your Best Life as a Virgin Bachelor

If you are a virgin bachelor or simply someone who is content with being single, there are several things you can do to live your best life:

  • Pursue your passions: Whether it is painting, gardening, writing, or any other hobby, make sure you carve out time in your schedule to do what you love.
  • Travel: Solo travel can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You can explore new places at your own pace and meet new people along the way.
  • Give back: Volunteering or getting involved in your community can be a great way to make a difference and feel connected to others.
  • Practice self-care: Take care of your physical and mental health by getting enough rest, eating well, and practicing mindfulness.


Being a virgin bachelor is not for everyone, but it has worked well for me. I hope that my story and tips have inspired you to live your best life, regardless of your relationship status. Remember, happiness and fulfillment come from within, and you do not need a partner to achieve them.



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